How to Begin Your Garden Journey...... One Step at a Time

Growing Plants Using Terrace2Table Pod Grab those CowPots out of the box, but keep them cozy in their plastic jackets. Gently slice open the top of the casing to reveal the treasure within. The bamboo seed tape should be snug in its soil blanket, though it might have had a little adventure during delivery. Pour water into your pods, one spoonful at a time, like a slow-motion rain dance. Be patient, it's all about the hydration game. Repeat this watering ritual twice for a few hour until your pods are juicily plump. Once they're good and soaked, embrace the world! Give your pods a cozy spot on a warm tray away from chilly breezes. These little seedlings crave warmth and moisture like a spa day for plants. Keep a close eye on your green babies - if the pod lightens up, it's thirsty! Watch the pods darken as it drinks up the moisture. Now, the waiting game begins! Each seed dances to its own germination beat. Once they start sprouting, shower them with light - natural sunlight or a grow light will do the trick. For more details, hop over to for the full scoop on sprouting and shining. As your green darlings grow, decide how many will make the cut in your garden posse. Stick to just a few in each pod for strong roots and sturdy plants. Trim away the extras at soil level to give your chosen ones room to flourish. The seedlings will grow into young plants with plenty of leaves and strong root systems. This is the time to give your plants room to grow to maturity. If you chose to nurture one plant in a pod, plant the pod completely into a suitable large pot, planter, or well prepared garden spot without ripping or tearing the pod, which may harm your plants’ roots. The porous CowPot walls allow the roots to easily grow right through the pod walls and spread into the plant container or garden bed. This direct method eliminates root shock which sets back the growth of plants. If you're feeling ambitious with your plant family, buckle up for a thrilling transplant adventure! First, pick the perfect spot with cozy soil and a sunny spotlight. Shower those plant babies with water until they're happily soaked. Then, with a gentle touch, free them from their pod and separate them with care. Brace for a bit of root shock drama, but with some love and patience, they'll blossom into strong, independent plants. Finally, tuck them into their new digs and give them a good drink. Happy planting