Easy to Start, Grow and Use: Gourmet Herbs for Terrace, Balcony and Garden

The Terrace 2 Table Series of International Herbs gives you the confidence and means to easily grow your own herbs. 

Having fresh, fragrant live herbs available at any time is one of the many benefits of growing herbs at home, whether it's in a full sized herb bed, a small balcony garden or even in small flower pots on your window ledge.

Tending to a fragrant herb garden relieves the stress that our lives experience every day. And the addition of vitamin rich herbs boldly boosts the yummy factor of your everyday meals.

The Terrace 2 Table Gourmet Herb pod is a complete starter kit for beginner and seasoned gardeners. The “kit” consists of three bio-degradable, compostable CowPot pods, premium organic seed starting medium with worm castings, herb seeds*, instructions, and access to seedling and plant care guidance and invaluable growing tips and garden hacks. (*Seeds have been encased in a bamboo tissue square in the seed starting mixture. The organic bamboo tissue slowly dissolves when water is added to the pod, keeping the seed moist and in place.)

Pre-seeded in rich organic Seed Starter Medium and packaged in bio-degradable fully compostable CowPots. These CowPots, made with renewable processed cow manure, are made to be planted, with your herb plant, directly into your container or garden. And don't worry, the CowPots have no odour at all!


Terrace 2 Table offers six kits in a series of curated Gourmet Herbs to compliment your garden and cooking style.